The Best Stainless Steel Gas Grills Today

Owning a gas grill is good investment. But do you know how to make it a great investment? Well, you just need to make sure you get a stainless steel gas grill. So what makes stainless steel gas grills great? For one, it looks quite good mainly because it is shiny and clean looking.


Owning a gas grill is good investment. But do you know how to make it a great investment? Well, you just need to make sure you get a stainless steel gas grill. So what makes stainless steel gas grills great? For one, it looks quite good mainly because it is shiny and clean looking. But aside from that, stainless steel gas grills will also mean that that they are very durable.

This is the main reason why stainless steel gas grills are a great investment. You will really get your money’s worth. But apart from it being durable, stainless steel is also very easy to clean and is generally less expensive. So which stainless steel gas grill should you go for? Here are the top choices.


1- Weber Summit S-670 Liquid Propane Gas Grill

If we are talking about best gas grills, there’s bound to be a Weber grill in that list. The Summit S-670 LP gas grill is considered to be the best stainless steel gas grill today. You want to know why? Well, there are several reasons. First, the sheer size of its cooking space is unbelievable. It has 769 square inches of primary cooking area. That makes it one of the largest gas grills around. Imagine how many burger patties you can cook with that. Aside from it having a huge cooking space, the Summit S-670 LP gas grill is also a very powerful gas grill. Here’s a look at the ratings of its burners:


  • Cooking Area: 760 square inches
  • BTUs: 60800
  • Burner Number: 6
  • Dimension: 47 x 30.5 x 52 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • Individual burner ignition system Snap-jet
  • 760 square inches of main cooking area
  • Uses a normal 20 pound propane tank
  • Storage racks on each sides


  • Grill cover not included in pricing; less inexpensive than the Genesis II.

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2- Pit Boss Stainless Steel Gas Grill

The new Pit Boss 2-burner stainless steel gas barbecue is a portable grill that can accompany you on your weekly camping excursions or tailgate parties. With a cooking area of 275 square inches, it’s big enough to grill meals for all of your guests.

Its smooth and lightweight design is extremely appealing to us. The locking lid and folding legs make it easy to transport. For a more varied grilling experience, there are two 10,000-BTU burners that may be adjusted individually.

You may either travel slowly or quickly with these options. It is all up to you. The Pit Boss portable stainless steel barbecue will simplify and stress-free your next tailgate gathering.


  • Cooking Area: 275 square inches
  • BTUs: 20000
  • Burner Number: 2
  • Dimension: 23 x 19.5 x 16 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • stainless steel gas barbecue
  • Legs that fold and a canopy that latches
  • Lightweight and portable
  • A dome thermometer is included.


  • There are no locks on the folding legs.

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3- Napoleon Prestige 500 Stainless Steel 4-Burner Gas Grill

The Napoleon Prestige 500 is an intriguing stainless steel grill with clever LED knobs.

The Napoleon grill offers 500 square inches of primary cooking surface, as well as an infrared side burner and a warming rack.

The system is a 4-burner propane gas system that produces 48,000 BTUs per hour. For rapid searing, the side infrared sear station burner can heat up to 1,800 degrees in 30 seconds.

The rear infrared smoker burner may also be used with rotisserie cooking rods for chickens and other meats.


  • Cooking Area: 500 square inches
  • BTUs: 48000
  • Burner Number: 4
  • Dimension: 26.5 x 66.25 x 50.25 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • 500 square inch cooking surface with infrared side burner searing system
  • 4-burner stainless steel system
  • The JETFIRE igniting mechanism is simple to operate.


  • The pricing does not include a waterproof cover.
  • The rotisserie basket is not included in the price.

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4- Broil King Imperial Signet 320 Natural Gas Grill

The Broil King Signet 320 is designed for serious grilling. This gas barbecue weights more than 137 pounds (62 kilograms) and is more than 56 inches (143 cm) in length.

This variant is available with a liquid propane or natural gas fuel source.

By offering more consistent temperatures throughout the cooking surface, the unique dual-tube burners may make grilling food simpler. The cast stainless steel design of the cooking grates also aids in heat retention.

Broil King also boasts the greatest warranty we’ve found, with a 10-year guarantee on the main and side burners.


  • Cooking Area: N/A
  • BTUs: 60000
  • Burner Number: 6
  • Dimension: 76 x 24.8 x 49.2 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • Food storage space is plenty.
  • 6-burner gas barbecue with infinity ignition system
  • The primary burner produces 60,000 BTUs.


  • Purchase price reflects quality Bulky and difficult to transport

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5-Cuisinart Propane Tabletop Grill

Cuisinart is another well-known kitchen appliance company that is well-known for producing high-quality stainless steel gas grill units.

The two-burner propane gas grill system on their propane tabletop grill allows for quick and simple setup and can cook both big and small foods.

The overall weight of this propane barbecue is approximately 22 lbs (9.07 kilos), making it both small and portable. Each burner has a 10 000 BTU capacity and its own set of controls. The detachable drip tray makes it easy to clean up after use.


  • Cooking Area: 276.75 square inches
  • BTUs: 20000
  • Burner Number: 2
  • Dimension: 21.5 x 19 x 15 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • There is no assembly needed.
  • It is compatible with a normal propane tank.
  • Thermometer and adjustable burner knobs are included in.
  • Drip tray is easily detachable.


  • Cooking space is limited.
  • The pricing does not include a tote cover.

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6- Victory 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill With Infrared Side Burner

The Victory 3-Burner Propane Gas Grill gets the top rank in our evaluation due to its affordable price, best-in-class cooking space, and excellent build quality.

There is plenty of cooking area, with 464 square inches on the main grill and an additional 162 from the top rack. You also get an infrared side burner for searing or fast warming a sauce.

Everything about this grill seems high-end, from the immaculate fit and finish to the heavy-duty retractable catch pan that slips out effortlessly after cooking.

It’s one of those aspects that is often ignored but makes a significant impact when attempting to clear away what might have been hours of sloppy cleaning.

We believe that this stainless steel grill is one to consider for people looking for an economical but high-end solution because of its mix of superb quality, robust performance, and good ease-of-use touches!


  • Cooking Area: 626 square inches
  • BTUs: 12000
  • Burner Number: 3
  • Dimension: 25 x 54.5 x 48.4 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • It quickly becomes really heated.
  • Heat is distributed evenly, with no hot or cold patches.
  • For the price, the size and features are excellent.


  • Greater footprint than comparable three-burner grills

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7- Breville Smokeless Steel


Breville is another another home appliance company with a great reputation for producing high-quality, long-lasting items.

Their Smokeless Stainless Steel grills are ideal for folks who have limited space and must cook indoors yet still like grilled meat.

The grill can cook at temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (232 degrees Celsius) and has six adjustable height settings for various meats.

To make cooking simpler, the machine contains simple control knobs, a digital control screen, and a thermometer readout. It has an inbuilt detachable grease pan as well as dishwasher safe cooking plates.


  • Total Grill Cooking Area: N/A
  • Total BTUs: N/A
  • Primary Grid Burner Number: 1
  • Dimension: 16 x 14 x 5 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Source: Electric


  • Removable drip pan is simple to clean.
  • Burner plates that are nonstick
  • One year warranty
  • Cooking system with 1 800 watts


  • Not suitable for large-scale cooking.
  • It cannot be used to smoke meats.

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8- Broil King Regal 5-Burner 590-S

Last but certainly not the least, the Broil King Regal 5-Burner 590-S is another excellent stainless steel gas grill. What’s great about this gas grill is that you can cook an entire meal easily with it. It has dual-tube burners that provide a total of 55,000 BTUs. It also features a side burner that will provide an additional 10,000 BTUs. So, it’s an excellent area to cook side dishes or simmer the sauces for your meal. In terms of cooking space, the Broil King Regal 5-Burner 590-S has a total of 875 square inches of primary cooking space. Then it has an additional 250 square inches of space on a warming rack.

It also features a stainless steel side shelves that you can use to store all your grilling accessories and utensils. It has very durable stainless steel cooking rods that are very easy to clean and will never rust or corrode. Plus, it is also designed to provide even heat distribution and impressive searing. Its Flav-R-Wave cooking system is a special proprietary feature from Broil King.

This feature catches and vaporizes grease and drippings (yes, you guessed it, it’s pretty much the same as Weber’s flavorizer bars). This ensures that whatever you are grilling will always have that smokey and flavorful taste. The Broil King Regal 5-Burner 590-S is an excellent choice if the two other grills mentioned above aren’t available. You are pretty much getting the same thing, a grill that is very reliable and durable.


  • Cooking Area: 625
  • BTUs: 55.000
  • Burner Number: 5
  • Dimension:  62.5 x 24.8 x 49.2 inches
  • Material: Stainless Steel


  • Great design; user-friendly
  • Extremely strong and ideal squat frame
  • Excellent heat dissipation.
  • A large number of individual burners.
  • Great table with built-in cup or condiment holder.


  • There is no side burner or rotisserie.

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How to Pick The Best stainless Steel Grill

Count of Burners

More burners are usually better when it comes to the finest gas grills. The reason for this is because separate burners provide you better temperature control. If you’re simply smoking a few steaks on a four-burner grill, for example, you may switch on only the burners you need for perfect heat control.

If you’re attempting to cook a brisket, on the other hand, you may use all four burners to ensure the temperature is ideal. In the case of the brisket, reaching the required temperature may be more challenging if you just have one or two burners.

Total Cooking Area

One of the most crucial components of choosing the appropriate steel charcoal barbecues or gas grills is the cooking surface. If you want to prepare for big parties on a regular basis, the last thing you want to discover is that you don’t have enough food for everyone.

The square inch is often used to measure total cooking surface. We suggest 500 square inches or more of cooking space for the typical grill user.

If you know you’ll be preparing a lot of food, you should seek for a kitchen with at least 1,000 square inches of cooking area.

Output of BTUs

The British Thermal Unit (BTU) is a unit of measurement for energy. This is the amount of energy necessary to raise one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit (1). In the case of gas barbecues, this indicates how much fuel the grill will use.

Higher BTU output does not always imply a better grill. For safety reasons, gas grills must have a vent (2). Extra heat created by high BTU output may simply escape out the vent on certain grill manufacturers. The idea here is that buying the highest BTU grill, such as Monument Grills, isn’t necessarily the best option.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature control may have a significant impact on how simple gas grills are to use. When it comes to temperature management with stainless steel grills, the possibilities are many, with most of it dependent on the sort of grill you have.

A coated cast iron charcoal barbecue, for example, will need manual temperature control through a damper. Electric grills, on the other hand, might include digital control panels that enable you to easily change the temperature.

In terms of temperature management, the finest grills for beginners will be ones that enable you to quickly change the temperature through a top-notch digital control panel or a well-labeled knob.

Energy Source

For charcoal grills, your power source will be charcoal and wood fuel. However, whether your barbecue is powered by electricity or gas, you must consider the logistics.

Many of the greatest stainless steel grills are enormous and unwieldy, requiring a lot of room. Gas grills, for example, may need the installation of natural gas pipes in the area where you want to grill.

Before selecting on which grill to utilize, examine what power source or fuel type will be required to run it. Then, consider if you have the correct setup in the region where you want to use your grill.

Grade of Stainless Steel

The quality of the steel will be crucial depending on where you reside and the environment. You should preferably use a material that is resistant to corrosion and rust. This is particularly true if you live near a body of water.

304 stainless steel, commonly known as A2 grade steel, is used in many of the best steel grills. This is often steel with a greater chromium and nickel content, which aids in corrosion resistance.

Material for Grate

The grilling grates are one of the most utilized and mistreated sections of your grill, therefore they must be manufactured of high-quality materials if they are to survive. The greatest grill grates, in our opinion, are generally composed of cast iron.

Cast-iron readily holds heat and cools considerably more slowly. This makes it ideal for generating sear markings on steaks, hot dogs, and hamburgers. We discovered cast-iron to be simple to clean after testing hundreds of barbecues.

If you decide to go with a Weber Grill, you should check into the flavorizer bars that they provide with their grill models. These aid in the removal of grease from burner tubes, hence preventing flare-ups.

Ease of Use and Upkeep

Charcoal grills are often more difficult to operate than gas and electric grills. If this is your first grill or you have little expertise with charcoal, you may find it simpler to utilize gas or electric.

The greatest part is that gas and electric barbecues are less difficult to clean than charcoal grills. You won’t have to wipe off ash or worry about extra smoke covering the interior of your cooking chamber. So, if you want convenience and minimum maintenance, an electric or gas barbecue is your best choice.

Final Thought

Stainless steel grills, such as the Broil King Regal 5-Burner 590-S, are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a long-lasting, easy-to-clean grill.

Check out some of our top recommendations for the finest stainless steel grills on the market above. These grills are of great quality and available with a wide variety of accessories.

Once you’ve discovered the one that’s right for you, follow these advice to maintain your grill in excellent shape and it’ll last for years!

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