Livart LV-982 Electric Barbecue Grill

Discover the pinnacle of backyard culinary experiences with the Livart Grill. This innovative outdoor cooking solution boasts a combination of user-friendly features, high-quality materials, and remarkable cooking performance. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a weekend barbeque enthusiast, the Livart Grill is a game-changer, revolutionizing the way you grill. Explore why Livart Grill is quickly becoming the go-to choice for grill lovers everywhere.


Have you ever craved delicious, smoky grilled dishes but couldn’t use a traditional charcoal grill? It’s summer and you’re having a barbecue at home, but you can’t create smoke or fire in your house because you live in an apartment or condominium. If you don’t have a proper backyard for an oven, how can you grill? No problem!

An electric grill, also known as an electric grill or an electric grill, is a device used to grill meat, fish, vegetables and other foods with direct heat from below. But do you know how they work? Unlike a charcoal grill, an electric grill uses electricity as a fuel source to generate enough heat to cook the foods placed on the grill.

However, you may have no choice but to look for a way that can bake with limited space. An electric oven is a good thing to have on hand for those cold winter days, if you live in an apartment, or the times when you go out to light up the oven only to realize you’ve run out of propane. Time for some “smokeless” indoor grills.


About the Livart LV-982 Electric Barbecue Grill

The distinctly orange Livart LV 982 Electric Barbecue Grill is awesome for indoor Yakitori-style or Korean BBQ cooking.  We reckon this Livart Grill is straight up, simple to use.

The Livart orange BBQ grill features:

  • An adjustable grill height
  • Detachable stainless steel grilling surface
  • Bottom ‘grease reservoir’ tray to catch fat and other juices, or you can use it for baking as well.


  • Easy to use
  • Small enough for easy storage
  • Perfect for yakitori/Korean-style cooking
  • Reasonable size cooking surface
  • No smoke


  • No heat settings
  • Slower to cook compared to some other electric grills
  • No temperature gauge

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Check out this video on cooking chicken yakitori on the Livart LV 982 grill. The amount of fat the grease reservoir catches will blow you away. This is such a healthier way to cook for you and your family.

Don’t forget to visit All Recipies to see our favourite Chicken Yakitori recipe.


You can also use the Livart LV-982 electric barbecue grill for:

  • Making toast or toasted sandwiches
  • Grilling dumplings (just pour boiling water on frozen dumplings and Wait at least two minutes before putting them on the grill)
  • Cooking marinated fish wrapped aluminum
  • Re-frying leftovers – they come up a treat.

We reckon you’ll be come up with a whole range of other uses for this portable electric grill.

Livart LV-982 Electric Barbecue Grill Specifications

  • Voltage/frequency: 115V/50-60Hz
  • Wattage: 1200w
  • Product size: 15.3″ x 8.2″ x 5.1″
  • Box size: 17.3″ x 9.8″ x 6.7″
  • Grill rack size: 1/2″ squares to help keep pieces of small food dropping onto the burner and into the grease reservoir
  • Weight: 5.5lbs
  • Electrical cord: 4 foot

Your Livart orange BBQ Electric Barbecue Grill package includes:

  • Electrical barbecue grill unit
  • Stainless steel grill
  • Grease reservoir/tray
  • User’s manual



Baking delicious dishes is no longer a difficult task, thanks to an electric grill that saves you from worrying about burning wood chips or coals, checking the temperature and maintaining the heat. It runs on electricity and does not cook with an open flame or generate smoke, so it is ideal for indoor use.

Livart Electric Grill LV-982 is a good electric grill product. It is portable enough to use inside the kitchen. It can cook steaks, bacon, fish, burgers, etc. with almost the same taste as traditional grilled dishes.

It’s easy to use — you just plug it in, wait for it to heat up, and place the meat on the grill. Make sure you place the removable drip tray on the bottom so it can catch the grease and water from the cooking meat.

What else could you ask for in the Livart LV-982 Electric Grill? Many users share their positive feedback that it is suitable for indoor use, easy to store, space-saving, anti-clutter and very affordable. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to have freshly grilled meat.

The Livart LV-982 Electric Barbecue Grill will help you grill the delicious cuts of meat you’ve been craving.

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