George Foreman GFO3320GM Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill Review

Well, George Foreman gives you the George Foreman GFO3320GM Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill you can use both indoors and outdoors and you’re sure to love the results of using this grill.


Do you find it difficult to prepare food for those weekend gatherings with your friends and family? Even after putting your best efforts, do you find the food to be not up to your expectations? Well, George Foreman gives you the George Foreman GFO3320GM Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill you can use both indoors and outdoors and you’re sure to love the results of using this grill.


George Foreman GFO3320GM Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill


It’s always grilling season, rain or shine! The George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Electric Grill is ideal for cookouts in the garden or family meals at the table. On the 5x more durable* nonstick ceramic surface, make up to 15 servings. The Indoor Outdoor Grill is ideal for apartments, patios, and other spaces where charcoal or propane cannot be utilized, and there will be no flare-ups! Take home a George Foreman Indoor Outdoor Grill now and enjoy versatile performance for a variety of delicious grilled cuisine!

Get rid of the fat! Not the flavor. The distinctive George Foreman slope helps excess fat to drain away from your grilled favorites, allowing up to 42% of fat from a 14 pound of uncooked ground chuck to drain away.

The 240-square-inch circular grill plate accommodates everything you need for a family supper or a backyard community barbeque.

The grill simply glides on and off the strong pedestal, allowing it to be moved from patio to countertop.

For long-lasting performance and simple cleaning, the grill plate is coated with a superior nonstick ceramic coating that is 5x more durable than the original George Tough coating.

The plug-in temperature control probe includes a simple dial for adjusting the grill’s heat for precise grilling with a range of meals.

Grill outside or on the kitchen counter. The grill comes with a detachable stand that allows you to cook deliciously both indoors and outside.

Features of the George Foreman GFO3320GM Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

  1. Top-quality grill free from flare-ups, charcoal and propane – perfect for the patio if you can’t use a flame grill
  2. Monitor the heat to ensure that you have the best food results
  3. Premium ceramic coating to the grill plate
  4. A dial to adjust the temperature of the grill
  5. Product Weight- 20 pounds
  6. Power wattage – 1600

With the George Foreman GFO3320GM Electric Grill, you can grill indoors or outdoors. Whether it’s in your backyard or kitchen, you can use it wherever you like.


  • Unique Sloped Surface
  • Apartment-friendly
  • Removable Stand
  • Premium Ceramic
  • Variable Temperature


  • It uses a lot of electricity
  • It’s heavy
  • The plates can’t be removed

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What are the advantages of the GFO 3320GM electric grill?

Removes fat: The product comes with a slope to remove up to 42% of excess fat from your food.

Easy to clean: Like all other George Foreman products, it’s easy to clean this electric grill.

Removable Stand: Changes in the weather won’t stop you from grilling as it comes with a removable stand. Take your electric grill from outdoor to indoors easily!

Perfect servings: The circular grilling plate of 240 square inches makes it easy to cook delicious food for your large group with up to 15 servings at a time.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers a limited warranty period of three years.


The disadvantages

  1. The plates cannot be removed.
  2. Some find it bulky and heavy.

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Customer reviews

People find this product to be the perfect secret to make a gathering with family and friends successful.

Hosting a barbecue for a group of friends or family has never been so convenient. Time to get grilling!

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